4 Key Stops On Your Customer's Journey

Going on a trip? Be sure to pack everything you need. Planning your customer's journey? Be sure your brand promise doesn’t get left behind.

The customer’s journey with your brand is rarely as straightforward as you’d like it to be. Well-planned process maps are subject to speed bumps, detours, traffic circles, and U-turns. The customer is in the driver’s seat, but picturing the road ahead in terms of four key stops will help you anticipate what to bring along.

Brand Awareness & Consideration

This starts the minute a prospect perceives they may need your product/service. It’s the time they’re gathering information and sorting their options. It’s when you must be visible in the places they’ll search, with a clear message about what you deliver – a.k.a. the brand promise. This includes not only saying what you offer, but conveying how you do business.

Regardless of the marketing channels used, it’s important to be concise and consistent. Less is more, as long as it positions your brand in a way that’s differentiating. You’re earning the prospect's willingness to continue the journey with you.

Brand Engagement & Purchase

Once your product is in the prospect's consideration set, it’s time for more detail. But don’t lose the brand promise along the way. Do your sales teams, call center reps, and fulfillment folks know what the marketing materials promised? Does the information on your website correlate too?

Congratulations if this stop results in a sale! Don’t let the brand promise fall apart here. Are you delivering what you promised and does it meet the customer’s need? Remember: cancellations, returns, and a visit to the other guys may still be possible.

Use & Servicing

Depending on your product/service, the customer may have reason to stay in touch with you. Often, a different process and set of people are involved during servicing than the customer met on the road to purchase. Do they know what the brand promise is? Is the servicing road fully paved or does it include speed bumps and pot holes? This is no place for a break-down.

Think of this stop as a chance to audition for the next one…

Loyalty…Brand Loyalty

The first sale could be just the beginning of a frequent flyer relationship. A satisfied customer also has the potential to be your brand ambassador – or detractor. It’s exponential with the power of social media. Stay in touch with your customer, even if they’re done traveling…for now.

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