5 Ways to Create Employee Brand Ambassadors

The heart of your organization is undoubtedly your employees. They’re also your best brand ambassadors. Or at least they could be.

Think about how much of your budget is spent on marketing. How much is spent on payroll? Imagine increasing the impact of your marketing budget by leveraging your payroll spend. Consider this:

When every employee understands the brand and how to embody it in their work, your organization benefits from a seamless internal culture and external brand. This consistency differentiates your organization from others where there is a discernable disconnect. Recent news headlines remind us of organizations that say one thing in marketing materials and deliver a far different customer experience, by breaking the brand promise.

That promise is expressed in your brand’s core tenets – key themes that convey what your organization stands for. It’s described with brand personality traits that include a tone, voice, look, and feel. It’s consistently messaged in all marketing materials and should come across in all touch points.

The brand promise should also be clear to your employees. You’re already paying them to be brand ambassadors. Now make sure they’re qualified to do the job.

Here are five ways to embed a brand into employee culture:

Use Every Communication Touch Point: Review all the ways your employees receive communication, from executive speeches and emails to HR materials to sales training and presentations. Make sure the brand tone and voice is reflected in them. Don’t miss an opportunity to weave core tenets and brand messaging into all employee touch points.

Deputize Content Managers and Influencers: Ask everyone touching employee communication to be as fluent as the Marketing team about your brand. Hold a Brand Essentials seminar and create a reference document for internal or external resources creating content. And don’t forget reviewers and approvers of these materials, such as Legal or senior managers.

Educate Employees: Include employees to develop a brand elevator speech. Then, put it on the back of business cards for easy reference. When employees go into the community for philanthropic work, teach them how to describe your company, what it offers, and how it is different or better.

Celebrate The Brand: Create contests or recognize employees when they embody the brand through interactions with each other or customers. Explain how their actions relate to the brand.

Empower Employees To Be Brand Stewards: Consider allowing employee teams to choose what organizations to philanthropically support, by teaching them selection criteria consistent with your brand.

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